How to Pest-Proof Your Storage Shed

Tips for Avoiding Pests and Vermin During the Winter

You may be surprised to learn that insects and other pests are as interested in keeping themselves warm and dry this winter as you are! As the cold weather quickly approaches, now is the ideal time to apply additional measures to ensure that vermin and other unwanted storage shed guests do not move into your structure this holiday season. Regardless of where your property is located, there is a safe bet that you have encountered one or more issues related to bug infestations or unwanted swarms.

If you would like to know a simple but handy list of DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes down to pest proofing your storage unit, look no further. We’ll help you tackle the most important basics first and point you in the right direction for next steps.

The Basics of Pest Proofing Your Shed

Generally speaking, there are several small but important steps you can invest in applying now, to make sure your winter season goes as smoothly as possible. To protect your shed from wildlife and pests, start by:

  • Examining the outside and inside structure for any cracks or points of entry
  • Avoid storing garbage in or around the vicinity of your storage shed, as this is a popular way to attract animals small and large to your property
  • Seal all bags, especially those storing seeds or grains, before placing in your unit
  • Invest in wire mesh to seal off areas beneath the structure, for units seated several feet above the ground
  • Upgrade the materials of your shed, including windows, doors or the siding option

Whether you own a high barn, hunting cabin, mini barn, garden shed or portable storage garage, your structure will benefit from the proactive tips mentioned above. If you have questions about how the options or upgrades can be custom tailored to your own unique model, you should plan to get in touch with one of our experts.

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