Refurbished Sheds for Sale

My Country Cabins has a variety of refurbished storage structures available now for fast delivery. With the same styles, colors, and sizes as our custom-built sheds, you can save big time on storage space and curb appeal by shopping our selection of refurbished sheds.

The benefits of buying a refurbished shed

Buying a refurbished shed has many benefits, one of the biggest benefits being the price. You can save money on select shed styles, colors, and sizes by choosing a refurbished model. When you opt for a refurbished storage building your wait time will be cut in half. New sheds require longer wait times as they are being built from scratch. Because refurbished structures are already built and in our inventory, you can expect your shed delivery to be even faster.
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When is the best time to buy a refurbished shed?

We always have refurbished sheds ready to go to new homes. Our rotating inventory gives customers plenty of options all year round, so you can count on finding a good bargain no matter the month or season.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Will I Save on a Refurbished Shed?

While prices vary based on size, color, and style, customers can save hundreds of dollars by choosing refurbished storage buildings. You can get a great deal on many different styles of sheds when you shop our refurbished storage structures.

What Should I Look for in a Refurbished Shed?

All of our refurbished sheds are thoroughly inspected by our team of experts to ensure they are sturdy, stable, and in great condition. Before selling, we repair or replace any areas that have damage so you can be sure the shed you’re getting is dependable and safe to use.

Are Refurbished Storage Buildings Less Durable?

Our refurbished storage buildings are just as durable as brand-new sheds for a fraction of the price. Our team repairs any damage with quality materials that will hold up against time and wear.

Can I Purchase a Refurbished Shed with Rent-to-Own?

Our refurbished sheds are part of our rent-to-own program. When you choose rent-to-own, you won’t have to worry about credit checks, early payoff fees, or long-term contracts.

How are Refurbished Sheds Delivered?

We deliver refurbished sheds for free within 50 miles of your dealer’s location. We prioritize keeping your shed and yard untouched during delivery. Our shed mule forklift can place your shed anywhere on your property without damaging your yard or storage building.

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