Rent To Own

Hassle free. No early pay off fee.

An Ideal Option


Rent to own is the ideal option for those who need extra storage space but are short on cash. Thousands of satisfied customers have used this program to get the building of their choice. For nearly the same price as a fixed storage unit you can enjoy the convenience of having a storage unit in your home or business.

Best of all, there’s no early pay off fee and at the end of the agreement the building is all yours.

Our hassle-free rent-to-own program requires no credit check. Get started with only first and last month’s rent down. This requires no long-term contract and one-month agreements may be terminated at any time. Our rent-to-own is strictly a rental with the option to purchase.

Choose to rent from two to four years and then own the building for a lifetime.

Pre-Qualify for Rent-to-Own

High-quality storage buildings

At a reasonable price

If you need more storage or a place to hang your hat, then creating a high-quality space at a reasonable price shouldn't be a challenge. We are dedicated to giving you the most affordable opportunities to own a quality portable structure. You won't find a better value for the price. Our buildings are made to last.


Mini Barns

Store clutter. Add beauty to your property.

Mini barns are great for storing lawn mowers, bicycles, tractors, and gardening equipment and are great for people who need to clear out space within their home.
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Functional garages designed to look like high barns.

Our pre-fab garages have all the great features of our other sheds plus a garage door and a heavy duty 4x8 flooring sheet to distribute weight.
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Hunting Cabins

The perfect location for your weekend hunting trip

If you're thinking about designing a man cave, she shed, or you'd like a cabin for a weekend getaway, then hunting cabins are a perfect solution.
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Tan shed with wood accents

Garden Shed

A classic look that complements any neighborhood.

Garden sheds have a gable-style roofline that easily sheds water, offers ample space underneath for storage and allows ventilation.
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High Barns

Store clutter. Add beauty to your property.

High barns have a sturdy barn-style roof which offers 50% greater square footage to stack your lawn tools, equipment, and seasonal items.
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