Country Cabins' Long-Lasting Shed Paints and Stains

shed with blue paint

Country Cabins’ buildings are constructed using the best materials available, like LP SmartSide siding, so that your investment will last for decades. To further protect your storage building, we also use long-lasting paints and pigmented urethane from Haley Paint for our engineered wood siding so that your shed is less likely to fade and peel through the years.

100% Acrylic Paint

At Country Cabins, we use Haley 100% acrylic paint. The Super Satin Acrylic Paint 888 Series is a self-priming, high-build, mildew-resistant exterior coating designed for a wide range of outdoor structures. This paint comes with a 10-Year No-Fade Guarantee and a 25-Year Adhesion Promise. The durable finish resists fading, cracking, blistering, and chalking, providing a premium, professional look for years. The manufacturer recommends this paint as the best option for engineered wood, like LP SmartSide, which is why we use it on nearly every shed we build. Check out the siding paint colors available at Country Cabins.

Pigmented Urethane

At Country Cabins, we also trust Haley for our pigmented urethanes. The Wilderness Urethane 153 Series offers a beautiful, rustic stained appearance on engineered wood, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality. This urethane is mildew-resistant, easy to clean, and designed to maintain its color and durability for decades. It can be painted over if you desire to change the look of your shed in the future. The urethane includes UV stabilizers, enhancing its resistance to fading from weather and sunlight exposure. As with our paint, the manufacturer recommends this urethane as the best option for engineered wood, like LP SmartSide, which is why we use it when customers want a natural wooden color. Check out the stain colors available at Country Cabins.

The longevity of our paint and stain options isn’t the only aspect that makes Country Cabins the best in the Midwest. Check out all of the Country Cabins Advantages to learn more!