Country Cabins’ Premium Metal Roofing

Country Cabins' Premium Metal RoofingAt Country Cabins, we manufacture all of our buildings with durable, long-lasting metal roofing. Metal roofing is the best choice for your storage shed because it stays cooler during the summer, it’s much more durable than other roofing options, and is resistant to all types of weather, like high winds, heavy rainfall, and intense sunlight. We also offer large, 4” overhangs on some of our roofs, keeping rainfall away from the sides of your shed and potentially causing water damage.

Our Signature Series' 40-Year Metal Roof Warranty

We are so confident in our metal roofing that we offer a 40-year roof warranty on all of our Signature Series structures! Many problems that arise in sheds start with a faulty roof, like water damaging your trusses. The premium metal roofs on Country Cabins’ buildings is guaranteed for 40 years, saving you money on costly repairs decades from now, when you'd have to pay for repairs with the other guys.

Other Shed Roofing Materials

Other shed manufacturers might use different types of roofing for their sheds, but we stand by the quality of our metal roofing over all others. One such material is asphalt shingles. We find that asphalt shingles absorb more heat, making your shed hotter in summer, they’re more prone to weather damage, which means costly repairs, and they can actually grow algae and moss, causing health issues and frequent replacements. Another common material is wooden shingles. Wooden shingles aren’t actually waterproof, so they can rot away if they’re not treated and pitched properly.

The quality of our metal roofing isn’t the only aspect that makes Country Cabins the best in the Midwest. Check out all of the Country Cabins’ Advantages to learn more!