Customer Spotlight: Compass High Barn

Embarking on the journey to build a forever home is an exciting yet challenging endeavor, as Dale Hall and his wife recently Country Cabins Compass High Barndiscovered. Acknowledging the logistical hurdles and inevitable ups and downs of home construction, the Hall family sought a reliable storage solution during their 19-month journey. Their choice? The Country Cabins Compass High Barn—a budget-friendly building that offered ample storage space and proved more than up to the task.

Quality Materials

The 12x28 Compass High Barn became the temporary sanctuary for the Hall family's furniture and valuables. Framed like a house and constructed with quality materials backed by Country Cabins' guarantee, the Compass High Barn met their need for a practical yet robust storage solution. Taking additional steps, Dale opted to add a vapor barrier to the walls and the tru-temp venting system for improved ventilation and temperature control.

Affordable Storage Solution

With budget and convenience in mind, the Halls decided that having their items stored on their property was more preferable than making trips to a storage facility. Country Cabins' rent-to-own option, with a monthly payment of $296.08 for 19 months, provided both flexibility and affordability. In comparison, the national average for a 300-square-foot storage space is $300/month, and a temperature-controlled unit is $330/month. The 12x28 (336 square feet) Compass High Barn not only offered a cost-effective solution but also the convenience of on-site storage with the flexibility to keep or cancel the contract. Should the Halls choose to keep the High Barn, they’d be well on their way to owning the structure. If they had opted for a public storage facility, once they move their belongings out, there is no ownership.

Durable Storage Barn

Kentucky's unpredictable weather threw various challenges at the Compass High Barn during those 19 months—rain, ice, snow, Country Cabins Compass High Barnhigh heat, and storms. Yet, the building stood resilient, protecting the Hall family's cherished possessions. Though there was initial concern about not choosing a climate-controlled storage unit, the thorough inspection of their belongings upon retrieval reassured the Halls. The Compass High Barn stood rock-solid, showcasing its durability and dispelling any doubts. Proud to be both President of Sales & Marketing and a Country Cabins customer, Dale appreciated the outstanding product and reputation of the company. 


Finally, the long-awaited day arrived for the Hall family, party of six, to move into their dream home, just in time for the holiday season. As lights adorned their new home and Christmas magic filled the air, the Hall family could relish the success of their home-building adventure, with the Compass High Barn playing an integral role in preserving the essence of their home, sweet home. The journey underscores the reliability of Country Cabins' Compass High Barn and the peace of mind that comes with choosing a storage solution that stands up to the elements.