Country Cabins' Quality Window and Door Options

shed with extra doors and windows

At Country Cabins, we manufacture all of our buildings with durable, long-lasting components. We offer many customization options for our buildings’ doors and windows so that you can design a storage shed with the functionality and style you’re looking for.

Quality Window Options

Windows on your storage shed let in natural lighting. The windows come standard with a screen so you can open your windows to ventilate your shed, without inviting bugs inside, and work inside your building more comfortably.

Standard Uninsulated Windows

These budget-friendly options provide basic functionality, allowing light into your shed without breaking the bank. However, they may not offer the same level of insulation as other window types, making them less suitable for extreme weather conditions. Our standard shed windows measure 24" x 36".

Insulated Windows

Ideal for customers seeking energy efficiency, the insulated window upgrade helps regulate temperature within the shed, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They provide better insulation against heat and cold, ensuring comfort throughout the year. These windows are ideal if you’re planning to finish the interior of your shed or use it as a workshop space.

Double Windows

Double windows are two of our standard-sized windows placed next to each other and are available in both uninsulated and insulated options. They are perfect for sheds used as workspaces or hobby rooms with their wider viewing area. They provide even more natural light and air circulation than a single window.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are smaller, horizontal windows that are typically placed near to top of a door, above a doorway, or above full-sized windows. They are a stylish way to let in natural light from a wall that typically can’t fit a full-sized window because of a door. Some customers might add them on walls without doors or other windows so that shelving can still be placed along walls with the transom windows.

Shed with extra doors and windows

Quality Door Options

Choosing the right door for your shed is crucial to the security, accessibility, and functionality of your shed. Doors not only provide entry and exit points but also contribute to the shed's overall aesthetics and insulation.

Standard Wooden Doors

Traditional and durable, standard wooden doors offer a classic look and enough security for most uses. They use the same components as your shed to fit the style of your shed's exterior, including the same paint or stain color, adding charm and character to your shed.

Insulated Metal Doors

Engineered for durability and energy efficiency, insulated doors offer superior protection against the elements. Their insulation properties make them ideal for sheds used as workshops or finished spaces. You can decide whether a solid insulated door or an insulated 9-lite door with window panels would best fit your needs.

Double Wooden Doors

Perfect for larger sheds when you require wider access, like storing a lawnmower or tractor, double wooden doors are the solution. They provide ample clearance for moving equipment or large items in and out of the shed, enhancing functionality and ease of use of your shed.

Rollup Doors

Space-saving and easy to operate, metal rollup doors are an excellent choice for sheds with limited clearance or customers who house vehicles or machinery. They offer quick and convenient access, maximizing usable space inside the shed while providing secure closure when not in use.

The quality of our doors and windows isn’t the only aspect that makes Country Cabins the best in the Midwest. Check out all of the Country Cabins’ advantages to learn more!