How to Store Pool Equipment Over the Winter

As the summer winds down and you close your pool for winter, you need to store the equipment so it doesn’t get damaged by the snow and ice. There are proper and improper ways to winterize your pool equipment, so read on to learn how it should be done.

General Tips for Storing Pool EquipmentCountry Cabins Pool Shed

In general for all of your pool equipment, you’ll want to winterize them before the first freeze sometime in October. Ideally, you should do this while it’s still warm outside, like mid-September, so that the equipment dries faster. 

All of your equipment should at least be stored under a roof to keep it clear of snow. Even better is a fully enclosed structure, like a well-designed pool shed, garage, or basement with some type of insulation to help regulate temperature. Lastly, you should keep everything organized inside your structure so they are easily accessible when it’s time to re-open the pool.

Specific Equipment Storage Needs

While the above tips are good general guidelines for winterizing pool equipment, different types of equipment have specific storage needs. Here are further guidelines for storing specific types of pool equipment over the winter.


Although you don’t necessarily need to drain your pool every winter, you will need to drain your pool pump & pipes. Freezing water will damage the motor and cause cracks in your pipes. Fully drain your pump, clean off any dirt, and wait for it to dry completely before storing.

Ideally, you’ll want to disconnect your pump and store it inside a structure, like a pool shed. Keep the pump on floor level but away from any traffic. You don’t want to risk someone bumping into your pump and damaging the sensitive machinery as it falls to the ground. If you can’t disconnect your pump or don’t have a safe place to store it, you can instead wrap the motor and place a hard equipment cover around the pump for extra protection.


Your method of winterizing a filter varies depending on the type of filter you have. Here are some general guidelines but check with your pool technician on the specifics for your filter. After you drain your pump, remove the filter if it’s possible. Non-removable filters will have a drain cap or plug to remove instead. It’s essential to clean your filter at this time to make it last longer. Use a filter cleaning solution to wash out the filter and let it drain and dry completely before storing in the same way as your pump. This is also a good time to check if you need a new filter. Depending on your type of filter, it could last 2 to 10 years.

Pool Toys

Country Cabins Pool HouseAny inflatable pool toys need to be deflated before winter storage. Keeping them blown up takes up more space in your pool shed and increases their risk of popping. All of your pool toys should be given a cleaning and fully dried before storage. The best way to store your pool toys over winter is inside an airtight container inside an enclosed structure, like a pool shed. This keeps them free from dirt, moisture, and pests damaging them. If the toys are too big to fit in a container, they should at least be indoors.


Your pool chemicals are at the most risk of damage from moisture. They also have the highest potential of things going awry if you improperly store them over the winter. You could accidentally cause a chemical reaction that releases toxic fumes or even starts a fire! Be diligent in following these tips for winterizing your pool chemicals.

First, you should keep your pool chemicals in their original containers. Then, if the original containers are not airtight, place it within another airtight container. Airtight containers keep fumes within and water away from these sensitive chemicals. You should also keep these containers in a well-ventilated area, like a shed with vents, just in case fumes escape. Finally, you should keep the chemicals away from any flammable materials and even from each other. If they accidentally mix, you could cause a hazardous chemical reaction.

Build a Pool Shed for Easy Winter Storage

By far the best place to store all of your pool equipment for the off-season is in a pool shed. You’ll have less clutter inside your basement or garage over the winter months and you could have extra space to store other tools or belongings. Contact Country Cabins today to ask about our variety of storage solutions