Country Cabins’ Durable Shed Flooring Options

When purchasing a storage solution, your building’s durability should be a main consideration. Most people immediately think of the roof and siding when discussing durability, but the flooring is another aspect that must be durable for your shed to last.

Country Cabins Floor Frame

How Country Cabins Builds Our Floor Frames

The key to a durable floor starts underneath with a durable floor frame. Not all floor framing is created equal and Country Cabins uses the best quality products and techniques to ensure you have the most durable shed available. In the Signature Series, we use sturdy 4x6 runners with 2x4 joists, notched and nailed together. The spacing of our joists are also 25% closer together than standard framing (12”, rather than 16”) for extra durability under heavy loads.

Types of Shed Flooring

Advantech Wood Flooring

You’ll find that most sheds are built with plywood flooring as a default. We use Advantech flooring which  is a durable and inexpensive engineered wood made out of sheets of wood veneer glued and pressure treated together. This flooring is good for basic storage purposes, but if you intend to use your building as a workshop or other type of functional space, you should consider upgrading your floor.

LuxGuard Flooring

 LuxGuard Flooring is our top choice for shed flooring. LuxGuard is an industrial-grade rubber flooring that is slip resistant and impact resistant, making it superior to wood flooring. LuxGuard is our top recommendation if you’re planning to use your shed as a workshop or functional space because you never know when you’ll drop a heavy tool or spill some oil. Dropping and spilling things on a wooden floor could permanently damage it. With LuxGuard, your floor is less likely to become damaged and it cleans very easily. LuxGuard is even a good option for basic storage, as it has a non-slip diamond-plate texture which keeps you safe when moving belongings in and out of your storage shed.

Threshold Guard

All Country Cabins buildings come with a diamond plate threshold guard which is perfect for  extra protection for the most trafficked area of your shed, the door. 

Other Shed Flooring

Country Cabins doesn’t offer other options for flooring, but you can place different types of flooring on top of the standard Advantech floor. Popular options include linoleum, laminate, vinyl, and carpet. Each of these options aren’t too functional for storage or a workshop but they can be good if you’re trying to finish the space for an office or man cave. In that case, you should also take steps to control the climate in your shed and finish it off with an electric package and finished walls.

The durable flooring of Country Cabins’ sheds isn’t the only aspect that makes our structures the best in the Midwest. Check out all of the Country Cabins’ advantages to learn more!